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The Torah code & Jewish kabbalah

In recent years the world is awash prophecy commentary to mysterious of the Torah. Today many people are to believe that in the Torah contains coded clues of very practical information. And also, that for 3,000 years a secret code in the Torah remained hidden, but modern science, information technologies and computers has potential in order to decode the content of this sacred book. In the past few years, much has been written about it. Unfortunately, most of what has been presented to the public has been misleading many people.

The Torah can be understood in an infinite number of ways, as it addresses itself to the individual spiritual achievement, mentally, abilities and concerns of every person. Than more we are constantly being urged in wisdom and true sense of this sacred source, then the higher our chances to improve our spiritual states. During all human history this thought pervades in human consciousness and influence in the development of human beings and the society.

Imagination has potential to influence on human being. Sacred imageries of the Torah are an integral part of many religions. This important information for all world without fundamental knowledge of the Hebrew and Jewish ancient sources cannot be use for understanding spiritual laws and laws of physical world. The knowledge about the laws of universe is embodied in the Torah and coded by the Hebrew so, that letters and special designations of Hebrew give deep understanding of every word or phrase of Torah.

Jewish kabbalah has been developed many centuries ago and it, in particular, is addressing to the unique properties of Hebrew in order to come to explanation of information that are coded in the Torah.

The Hebrew language and alphabet are means in order to reach secret keys that are coded in the Torah. Existing knowledge about amazing properties of the Hebrew received for us from Oral Torah. But in reality, we have known about wonderful properties the Hebrew for thousands of years. Oral Torah include sacred knowledge about Hebrew. Adam knew the Holy Hebrew and did transferring it to Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through Methuselah and Shem. Adam did transferring the knowledge about Holy tongue to Hanoch and Methuselah. They were the first teachers who taught Noah, who in turn taught his own students, including Nimrod and Abraham. Abraham studied in the academy of Noah's son, Shem

In the modern world, the sacred knowledge about unique capability of the Hebrew is remaining hidden for understanding. Existing modern linguistic stereotypes in respect of the Hebrew are incomplete, because, evolution of the Hebrew not is based on historical processes. This language is an essence of spiritual achievement and it is a means of communication between people and spiritual worlds.

Kabalistic knowledge is addressing to the unique properties of Hebrew in order to reach sacred information are coded in the Torah and Jewish Holy books. Jewish kabbalah is inseparable from Jewish tradition. Our world has been designed in the optimal way. If we wish to dwell in well-being and prosperity, we must abide by the laws and conditions under which general well-being can be provided for the whole of mankind. By crossing out history, you deprive yourself of well-being and prosperity, because Jewish kabbalah is realistically capable of offering numerous discoveries and innovations of utmost importance for the future.

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