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Illusions and truth

Physical reality exists outside from us. Our separation from each other is an illusion of consciousness. Human perception is defined by the dissociation between physical reality and subjective perception. People like to have the illusions, as illusions aren’t just comforting - they improve health. Therefore, we never have 100% of the information to make correct deciding.

The Talmud says: “When God was creating the world, He was looking at the letters in the Torah”. In other words the Torah is a key to truth i.e. to universal knowledge about fundamental laws of nature and human beings.

There are 15,000 known religions in all of recorded history. Sacred imageries of the Torah are an integral part of many religions. The Torah imageries have been considered a spiritual tool in virtually all of the world's cultures and religions. The Torah has been considered a life tools and wisdom sources in virtually all of the world's cultures. The text of the Torah is translated on 1080 languages of the world and published in more than in 3 billion copies. It is the most readable book in the world.

Physical reality is something that is in a state of being actual or true. All words of the Torah is truth. The connection between reality and the Torah is mysterious to many people. However, of all historical experiences, the Torah is the only one in which can be found universal knowledge about our world.

The entire human history and human experience demonstrate unambiguously that one way or another, the physical and the spiritual intertwine, or, at the very least, touch upon each other. Therefore, every religion must present facts showing how the spiritual can interact with the physical. Judaism possesses absolute knowledge and absolute truth about the spiritual worlds and their interconnection with our world.

Only through and thanks of the Torah, people has a potential to reach practical results in medicine, science and technologies and create a qualitatively new science methods, original technical solutions and advanced businesses.

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