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Jewish High Tech

Jewish High Tech it is High Tech based on Jewish wisdom and ethical and moral principles of Judaism. There is a radical difference between Jewish High Tech from World High Tech

1. Development of Jewish sciences, Jewish technologies and Jewish industry is based on fundamental knowledge about life, nature and human being (the Torah and Jewish kabbalah).

2. Jewish High Tech is inseparable from Jewish tradition.

Jewish wisdom embraces all the knowledge about all the energies represented in our world, as well as the knowledge of effective treatment of health disorders, based on those energies. The energy of the Jewish holy texts is a key to health and well-being. The entire human history is filled with abundant evidence to this effect.

Torah energies is instrument of psycho-physiological influence on human beings, which can be used both as weapon and as an effective means of healing and prevention of health disorders, the expansion of creative abilities of human beings and many other.

Nowadays, there appears the unique possibility to influence, with the help of energies of the holy texts on vital activities of a human body, the functioning of its internal organs and systems, as well as the sensitivity and mental, emotional, intuitional and spiritual states of man.

In the nearest future, the Jewish High Tech will be presented to the world by Jewish energy medicine. This medicine will lead to the development of a wide variety of medical products and services that will attract investors, businessmen and researchers to Jewish medicine. That, in turn, will stimulate researches and lead to a new discoveries, inventions and innovations of world High Tech. In the long run, this work will to lead to promising markets based solely on the potentialities of Jewish kabbalah and modern technologies.

Thanks to knowledge about Torah energies and the latest achievements of modern sciences and technologies, in the nearest future Jewish High Tech will be able to demonstrate to all the people on our planet the Torah’s ability to physically influence on human beings, nature and the entire world. It will change the attitude towards Jews and history and introduce many practical innovations to the world.

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VISN software

VISN software

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