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Jewish Energy Medicine

The healing environment is something that allows to transform the world around us and to help the people to achieve well-being and to be healthy. Throughout the entire history, has been evidence of amazing medical possibilities of the Jewish holy texts. The purpose of Jewish medicine is to form the healing environment by energies of the Torah and Jewish holy texts.

The Jewish kabbalah embraces universal knowledge about all the energies represented in our world. Thanks to the latest technical achievements of bioscience and neuroscience there is a possibility to measure the energies of various human organs and systems and to define the energies required to each human being. On the other hand, thanks to the unique kabalistic knowledge of peculiar feature of Holy tongue can be defined. the energy properties of the Hebrew's words. In view it; there are the following questions,

1. How the data on the energies of various human organs and systems, and information concerning the energies of various holy texts, are connected with each other?
2. Is there a direct correlation between energetic needs and requirements of human beings on the one hand, and the energetic properties of the Jewish holy texts, on the other?
3. How the energies of the Torah can be used for effective treatment of health disorders and improves wellness?

The purpose of Jewish Energy Medicine is scientific study of the interconnection between the energetic requirements of human beings and the energy properties of the Jewish holy texts, and practical application of obtained knowledge.

There are numerous scientific publications on the subject of light-color therapy, energy medicine and the use of light-color stimulation of the brain. Light-color therapy has been applied with great success for thousands of years for the treatment of various mental, emotional and physical disorders. The medical science insists that light energies are capable of transforming not only consciousness and physical state of human beings, but even their chromosomes and DNK, can reconstruct their mind, etc

Prayers, reading of the Torah and holy Scriptures, when pronounced in the Hebrew language, serve as effective means of treatment and prevention of health disorders. The color palette of Hebrew confirms this fact.

In view of the above, and thanks to color therapy, scientific research of the medicinal energies of the Jewish holy books became possible; it also became possible to define how the energies of Jewish holy texts are linked with the psychological, physical and mental states of human beings.

Jewish Energy Medicine is based on the achievements of modern sciences and Jewish kabbalah. By means of the neuroscience and visual properties of the Torah (visual code of the Torah) we have been obtained the first results that can be used for effective treatments. In the future, achievements of Jewish energy medicine will lead to the creation of new goods and medical services. It will change priorities of the world market. Therefore, it is important already now, to attract attention of the science community to Jewish energy medicine.

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VISN software

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