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The visual code of the Torah

The connection between letters and colors is mysterious to many people. The Torah: says: “…And all the people saw voices…” It can be understood that the Hebrew's letters can be seen. Really in the Hebrew, Nekudot have the colors of the rainbow and white. Through the Nekudot and Ta'amim, one can obtain a visual code of the Holy Scriptures as optical illusion images (visual code of the Torah).

Colors are capable of influencing the psycho-physiological state of human beings. Color therapy has been applied with great success for thousands of years for the treatment of various mental, emotional and physical disorders. It has been established, on the basis of numerous results of medical research, that light and color are capable of influencing the psycho-physiological state of human beings, resulting in changes of blood composition, dynamics of tissue healing, tonus of the muscle contractions, the work of the cardio-vascular system, pain sensitivity, as well as changes in the emotional state, activity level, psychological tension, and many other factors.

Color therapy based on visual code of the Torah (Jewish color therapy) has a unique possibility to influence not only vital activities of a human body, but also the functioning of its internal organs and systems, as well as the sensitivity and mental, emotional, intuitional and spiritual states of man.

By way of the Jewish color therapy can be defined the psycho-physiological effects of the Jewish sacred texts. And also can be defined links between Hebrew’s words (their visual effects) and the psychological, physical and mental states of human beings.

Since time immemorial, people have realized a special significance of color therapy and of the healing energy of the Hebrew Scriptures. Now that the color composition of the holy language has been discovered, which allows us to accurately define the color description of the various Jewish texts, we can also define the psycho-physiological effect of words, expressions and entire verses of the Tanakh and other holy books. This fact serves as a scientific proof that the physical light of the Torah, or the light of life, exists in reality, and possess unique qualities.

The optical illusions of the Holy Scriptures have hypnosis effects and they are power mechanism of relaxation, self-hypnosis, improve wellness and health. Currently is created a great collection of the Holy tongue optical illusion images (more than thousand images) that can be used for art therapy (Jewish art therapy).

There are numerous known facts testifying to startling medicinal and prophylactic properties of the Jewish holy texts. Thanks to the discovery of visual effects of the holy tongue, there appeared a realistic possibility to study and use the medicinal properties of the Jewish holy texts.

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VISN software

VISN software

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