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Energies of Jewish sacred texts

The knowledge about the laws of universe is embodied (coded) in Jewish sacred texts by letters and special designations of Hebrew. These letters and designations give deep understanding of every word or phrase of Torah. Each word of the Jewish sacred texts has power and energy in order to bring strong pressure on our mental, emotional, intuitional and spiritual states. By Hebrew's words in the Torah are coded special energies.

Every culture that has ever existed had a system of energy healing. Jewish tradition, particularly, is based on energies of Jewish sacred texts. In reality, only Jewish science contains comprehensive knowledge about all the energies present in our world. Energies of Jewish sacred texts is the key to health, vitality, and well-being.

Of all historical experiences, the most important event took place 3300 years ago at Mount Sinai, when two million people saw the light of the Torah, or the Bible, in our physical world. During the last 3300 years, the light of the Torah has been one of the most intensely studied areas of Jewish science. The object of these studies was to see how the light of the Torah formed spiritual worlds and vital forces for human activity. It is a historical fact that that the Sinai event gave evidence of the amazing properties of the Holy Hebrew language.

There are numerous facts testifying to the existence of special energetic properties of Jewish holy books. On the other hand, medical science insists that light energies are capable of transforming not only consciousness and physical state of human beings, but even their chromosomes and DNK, can reconstruct their mind, etc It is in fact what happened at Mount Sinai. Throughout centuries, energies of our world and the Torah light constitute one of the most important spheres of research in Jewish science. In fact, the Torah light in our physical world acts as an instrument of psycho-physiological influence which can be used both as a weapon and as an effective means of healing and prevention of health disorders, and for the expansion of creative abilities of human beings.

At Sinai G-d gives the Torah by way their visualization. In the broad physical sense, two million people see the light of the Torah that through their eyes was embodied in their consciousness. The revelation at Sinai is amazing neurophysical phenomenon. It is motive to thought that the Torah can to helps us to understand a number of unsolved puzzles in psychology and baffling phenomena experienced by individuals during altered states of consciousness. And also that the words of the Holy Hebrew possess startling features and at a deeper level of consciousness all human being states are interconnected through light coded in the words of the Torah. After experience has shown that the Hebrew's words are able to instantaneously influence on human being, this fact has potential to change the face of the science in the future.

The modern scientist seeks to categorize and subdivide the various phenomena of the human life, universe and nature. However all it is ultimately coded in the Torah. It must inspire researchers to seek explanations for Sinai phenomenon and study the Torah.

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