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How to use 3D multimedia player

Wezit videos consist of customer's images that are combined with Wezit optical illusion images and visual effects.

3D multimedia player was designed to create and play Wezit videos. This player provides unique opportunity to produce 3D video content using instructions for eye exercises and brain trainings. Each such instruction is accurate prescription based on optical illusion images and visual effects pulsating with alternating frequencies.

How to perform trainings?

Remember, human brain is inclined to resist external influence. You may need several session before your brain and eyes are trained to the unusual visual effects and optical illusions.

Ease your body and remember to breathe slowly too. When you breathe rhythmically, blood is able to carry oxygen more efficiently to all parts of your body. Sit comfortably. Doing session, try to stop your mind from wandering here and there. Bring your attention just to observation of visual effects and optical illusions.

Remember, the session must be performed in total darkness when no external light irritants are present i.e. in the absence of any external light stimuli.

ATTENTION !! for training by means of the "Star", "Star+" or "Stream" the monitor should be looked on through half-closed eye-lids so as to be able to see the light emanating from color subjects like from search-lights. At the regular glance you will see color figures. But if you look through half-open eye-lids in a while you’ll see light emanating from these figures, as if they were search-lights.

VISN software

VISN software

Wezit optical illusion images and visual effects for eye trainings and brain exercises.

VISN software

VISN software


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